Set Straight By RADEK ( Genre : Rap / HipHop )


Song : Set Straight
Artist : RADEK
Track Genre: Rap / HipHop
Promoted By : Aman Shine Khanuja [ The Man Behind CCFML ;-) ]
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Promoted By : Aman Shine Khanuja [ The Man Behind CCFML ;-) ]
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Do you guys need lyrics of this song :-) .... alright here you go....ENJOY ..!!!

The maniac is back smoking crack with jack black, I smack ass. Keep fat sack of ganja in the napsack. F*ck yo faggot snapback and hashtags, Ima backlash and drop bombs like baghdad. Stop bringin bad fads back, and give a fat bitch back pat for running a tracklap. Congrats tubby, you lost all of your fat flaps. Now ya ass is flat and saggy and dangles like a flapjack. Got some weed? Sit back enjoy you some, watch this as*hole talking shit up at the podium. Show up to class strapped with a dildo and a loaded gun, screen the new batman and shoot up the auditorium. Causing pandemonium, roll up in a de lorean. This is where ya story ends and fuck you nickelodeon. The goverments controlling em. Kid craniums they holding them. Corrupting and molding them while you sit back supporting them.
Everybody nod ya head till ya neck breaks. Sing along with this braindead dead weight. Smoke my weed, no matter what the feds say. The game is crooked and RADEKs here to set straight.
Get it Set straight (x2)
The game is crooked and RADEKs here to set straight.
So don't get caught up cause RADEKs obama's product trying to profit from yo wallets, so empty ya fuckin pockets. Bitch I'm spittin rockets, RADEK vomits on yo topics. Smoking chronic, I'm the hottest like fu*k yo being modest. My flow is faucet, yo girl fondest of my sausage. Flawless novice, bitch I'm on it while you suck up in yo closet. Dog I know you barkin but bitch all I hear is talking, MOVE. Why you steven hawking? Kill em, put em in a coffin. Yeah I'm on that other shit, hit em with a thunder kid. Smack a gay bitch in the face with a rubber dick.
Underground and lovin it, I pull up in a hummer quick. Purge a turd on ya roof and dip and start running bitch. I'm workin while you slumbering. Got you st-st-st-stutterin. I'm hotter than the summer is. Not high bitch, I'm hoveriin. Don't fuck one bitch I clutter them, stubber robber them muttering. I put yo bitch to bed at night, she love it when I tuck her in.

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